Couple expected a normal pregnancy –but when doctor shows ultrasound, mom turns white

Having a child is one of life’s true miracles, a new life that we can raise, take care of and give all our love to.

For parents Phillip and Kylie, their biggest wish after giving birth to their daughter was to conceive twins.

But when Kylie fell pregnant and the couple got to see the ultrasound for the first time, they were in for a big suprise.

Phillip and Kylie had spent many years trying to expand their family. Two years ago they finally welcomed their daughter, River, who they loved more than anything else in the world.

Butt there was one more dream they wanted to fulfill.


Phillip and Kylie had several relatives who had conceived twins.

One day Kylie took a pregnancy test and sure enough, she was pregnant.

But it wouldn’t be twins.


When they visited the doctor some months later to see the ultrasound, they were in for a shock. There wasn’t just one or two babies in Kylie’s belly.

The couple were expecting four new bundles of joy, something that only happens one in every 700 000 pregnancies.


“I laughed… I just, I was laughing, I couldn’t help it,” Kylie tells local news station Fox10.


Although the couple have been a little anxious over heir new arrivals, all four babies, who they plan to name Amelia, Damien, Gideon and Theo, are all developing well.

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