Couple go through nightmare to conceive, then mom’s bingo win changes everything

The natural path most couples want to take after marriage is children. It’s not for everyone and in the case of one Canada couple they were happy to take it slow and let nature take its course.

Jaylyn Hosburgh reconnected with her husband to be at college after first meeting in grade school. After six months they were engaged and got married in 2008. But in the years following their union the couple couldn’t understand why they weren’t getting pregnant.

Their journey from there was a painful one with tens of thousands of dollars spent in tests and two failed IVFs. Just when Jaylyn was forced to give up due to the mounting medical bills a trip to play Bingo with her mom changed everything.




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Jaylyn said her mom initially refused a game of bingo with her because she was sick but on hearing how disappointed her daughter was she agreed.

“Once we got there, is was packed. The accumulator was at $24,000. I called my mom to say, ‘forget it, it’s so busy,’ but she was already gone. Once she got there I tried to convince her to leave but she wouldn’t. We buy our books and I buy 3 cards instead of my usual 2. My mom notices and does the same. This day changed the course of our lives forever. My mom won the $24,000 and gave us all the money to do IVF#3,” said Jaylyn.

This time the couple were told they had high quality embryos and they went for it. From the second day of the transfer eager Jaylyn was taking pregnancy tests and to their absolute delight: “Sure enough, I was pregnant. Little did we know our lives were about to change forever. Our bingo babies were conceived.”

Shortly after she went for her ultrasound and got an even bigger shock when she was told she was having twins.

Jaylyn Hosburgh

“I was admitted to the hospital twice. Once at 28 weeks for 3 days and the second time at 31 weeks for 4 weeks. At the time I was 3cm dilated and my cervix went from a 3 to a 1.5. They kept saying anytime the babies would come.”

But still no babies and because Jaylyn was 34 weeks she could go home. She remained there for two weeks before she went into labor but the difficult journey to parenthood for Jaylyn and her husband was not over yet.

“I had a postpartum hemorrhage after each baby was born and they could not get it under control… At one point I remember asking my mom if I was dying…I am grateful there was a high risk doctor on call that day, he saved my life. Two blood transfusions later and a 5 day stay in the hospital, I was going home with my sweet babies.”

She added, “This journey was a rough one, but in the end I made it out with two wonderful babies to show for it. At most times I didn’t think I could continue, but if I gave up I wouldn’t have these two babies here — Our Bingo Babies.”

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Jaylyn and her husband are not alone in their quest to have a family; the journey is difficult for so many couples. But this couple never gave up and then Jaylyn shared her journey through social media so others can take comfort and guidance if they are experiencing the same issues.

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