Couple hear bumps in the night, install cameras and can’t believe footage

Couple Jerome and Ashley Kennedy were enjoying life in their new historic home in Pittsburgh with their new baby.

Having an old home and living next to a dilapidated home that was being renovated they expected some noise but certainly not at night and not coming from their own attic.

The couple wondered if they had an animal in their attic scurrying around but the noises seemed too loud to be coming from an animal.

It was only when Jerome installed hidden cameras did they witness the actual culprit of these noises and were horrified.

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The couple’s baby daughter sleeps with them in their room and they were used to being woken in the night by her, but when they were being woken up by noises coming from the attic, they knew they had to do something.

Jerome decided to install hidden cameras in their attic to find out what was making these noises.

When they viewed the footage, they were shocked to discover it was creepier than anything they could have imagined.

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Jerome said his suspicions were raised when he saw a light shining through a pipe above his head in their bedroom.

“I knew someone was up there,” he told Inside Edition.

House being renovated next door

When the couple looked at footage their worst fears were confirmed, a man was caught creeping around their attic.

The man was identified as 69-year-old Robert Havrilla, who was renovating the house next door.

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The couple believe the man had been watching them in their bedroom.

Jerome told Inside Edition he discovered a removable wall had been made to gain access to their attic and holes in the common wall were also found.

“It’s that scary to think somebody can be that intrusive in somebody’s home,” the couple’s attorney Jack Goodrich told Inside Edition.

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Denied doing anything wrong

“In my humble opinion, he was waiting for the creep show.”

Robert Havrilla, who denied any wrongdoing, was found guilty of one charge of criminal trespassing in July of 2018, Channel 11 News reported.

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