Couple has been married for 69 years – but now they’re being torn apart by authorities

The Goodines have been together for 73 years, and have always lived together.

During their golden years they have lived together in the same retirement home.

But not anymore – now they’re being forced to move apart, right before Christmas.

Canadian Herbert Goodine, 91, and Audrey Goodine, 89, have been married for 69 years. They’ve been together for 73 years and have always lived together and slept in the same bed.

For the last few years, they’ve lived together in the same retirement home in New Brunswick, where they’ve been able to stay together.

Seperated at Christmas

Just a few days before Christmas, they found out that they were to be seperated. Herbert will be moved to another facility due to his dementia. This will be the first Christmas that they can’t celebrate together.

The couple’s daughter has reacted strongly to the decision.


Hear mom crying

“Whe talking to my parents yesterday I heard my mother weep and I could hear my father in the background. My mother said ‘Christmas is over for us now and this is the worst Christmas that we will ever have,'” daughter Dianne Goodine writes in a Facebook post.

Dianne says that she understands that her dad now needs special care, but says that it’s cruel to seperate the couple so close to Christmas.

This is one Sad Christmas story for Herbert and Audrey Goodine who reside at Victoria Villa Special Care Home in Perth…

Posted by Dianne Goodine Phillips on Sunday, 17 December 2017

Thousands of shares

Authorities, however, say that they cannot make decisions based on what time of year it is, rather they have to put the care needs of each individual first, which is why it became so time critical that 91 year old Herbert is moved to a different facility, reports CBC News.

Dianne’s post on Facebook quickly received over 18 000 shares, and many people think that the couple are being treated badly.


I understand that an elderly person needs to be moved to receive the right care, But surely the couple could spend Christmas together anyway? Share if you agree! 

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