Couple told they can’t have kids, then they get the shock of their lives

Trevion and Joanie met in high school and instantly fell in love. Over the years the high school sweethearts have had four beautiful daughters.

The girls, who are now 20, 17, 10, and 8 years old, are the couple’s pride and joy and the six of them are very close. But still, Trevion and Joanie wanted another child.

In 2009 the couple received some news which would shatter their dreams. Joanie was diagnosed with a condition that would prevent her from having children in the future.

Seven years later, however, the same doctor who told Joanie she couldn’t get pregnant again, gave her and Trevion some amazing news. Joanie was in fact pregnant again. But it wasn’t your typical pregnancy…


The couple met while at high school and as teenagers immediately knew they had each met the person they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with. They decided to start a family soon after.


Over the years, the couple had four daughters. And while they thought they might want one more child, they were also content with their already large family.

But when Joanie got sick and her doctor announced that she could no longer have children, the couple gave up hope of having any more.


Joanie, who otherwise was in good health, didn’t let the news phase her; she already had four children and a loving husband so felt blessed with her complete family.

But seven years later, the same doctor who announced that Joanie couldn’t get pregnant, had the most unexpected news: she was pregnant again!


Joanie wasn’t just pregnant with one baby but was told she was expecting identical triplets!  The chance of this happening is about one in 200 million.

But the more children in the womb, the greater the risk of complications. Since Joanie is so short and she was carrying three children, chances were slim that the babies would survive. And even if they did, Joanie’s life was also in danger.

The family was of course happy for their miracle, but the potential dangers worried them.

Thankfully Joanie found a clinic that specialized in high-risk pregnancies, and Joanie had her babies there. The boys, Devon, Bryce, and Miles, were born three months premature and were so small that Trevion was able to slide his wedding ring over their arms.


Luckily, the three beautiful boys survived and after spending 10 weeks in the hospital, they were strong enough to go home.


The babies continue to do well; just look at this wonderful picture of them all together 18 months later.


Watch the family’s wonderful story here:

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