Cowboy and cowgirl enter the ice rink; their daring moves have the crowd holding their breath

Professional ice skaters John and Sinead Kerr are siblings who decided to give the audience at the 2010 European Championships something a bit different.

From the minute the audience saw these two with their western outfits, unlikely music and fun lifts they were mesmerized. Their unique routine was so unexpected and the crowd were wowed.

The brother sister duo from Scotland decided to avoid the traditional classical music number and instead opted for a Johnny Cash classic. They made skating to this unusual rhythm look easy but I’m sure it wasn’t!

They glided across the ice and immediately captivated the audience as they danced beautifully and energetically across the ice to the sound of cheers and applause.

Such hard work and dedication from these British champions as they executed perfect landing after perfect landing. The judges were watching so closely; it was their moment to shine.

Taking advantage of their moment in the spotlight, they made their routine unique. Not only through the music, but through their professionalism as well.

Watch the video below to see how this dynamic duo’s creativity dispel any theory that figure skating and country music don’t mix.

I was completely mesmerized by this clever performance. Each move is different and yet still within the country theme. These two rock!

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