Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s legacy continues as the family return to our TV screens

It’s been more than a decade since TV hit “The Crocodile Hunter” left our screens after the untimely death of its star Steve Irwin.

Since then his children Bindi and Robert have followed in their father’s footsteps with the show “Bindi, The Jungle Girl” and their series of children’s books all about weird and wonderful animals.

But now the Irwin family are to reunite for an exciting new show set to hit our television screens called “Crikey! It’s the Irwins.”



The fun-packed show will follow in the footsteps of their famous father and husband Steve Irwin, who died after being pierced in the heart by a stingray barb in 2006 when he was just 44 years old.

His daughter Bindi was 8-years-old when he died and appeared with her father a number of times on screen, showing a great love of wildlife at such a young age.

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His son Robert was two years old when he lost his father and since has gone on to host a show on Discovery Kids and once appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show to introduce a series of wild animals.

The family’s new show, set to air next month on Animal Planet, will focus on the family’s life and conservation efforts at the Australia Zoo, showing their work to continue Steve’s legacy.

“We’re all about carrying on in our dad’s footsteps,” 20-year-old Bindi told the Global News.

Her American boyfriend Chandler Powell, who works at the zoo, will also be a star on the show.

Mom Terri, 54, adds, “We work together. We live together. I love our animals, and I love living here. We’re excited to share our work at Australia Zoo and our conservation adventures with the Animal Planet audiences all around the world.”

Mother has done a fabulous job of raising these two. They are both kind, considerate and have their Father’s passion for animals. I saw Robert on the Jimmy Fallon show the other night and he has grown a foot since I last saw him and quite a handsome young man.

Love their personalities; so bubbly, happy and it makes you feel good to be in their presence or in my case to watch them on TV. 

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