Customer demands waitress goes out to parking lot – his surprise leaves her in tears

One good deed can make a huge difference in another person’s life.

Those seeking an example need look no further than Missouri couple Gary and Roxann Tackett. To be more specific; the gesture they made after making friends with a restaurant waitress named Cindi.

Having frequented her restaurant regularly, Gary noticed something about Cindi’s car. What he and his wife chose to do in response would give Cindi something to remember for the rest of her life.

The mere act of being aware of other people around you can make a big difference.

It can be as simple as holding open a door for someone else to walk through; as elementary as aiding a stranger by carrying something heavy, or comforting someone you can see is struggling. These are things that require minimal effort, and yet they make us better human beings – something more important than ever in today’s climate.

Take Gary and Roxann Tackett; for they are a shining example.


Got to know the waitress

Gary and Roxann live in Missouri, USA, and, having recently moved, had only been living in their new city for a number of months. During this time they often visited a local restaurant, getting to know one of the waitresses, Cindi, in the process.

The couple soon learned that Cindi had a disabled son, and that she owned the blue car that they always saw parked outside the restaurant. The car itself was in poor condition; its windows were shielded with plastic bags; its front end was severely damaged and held together with a strap.


Gary and Roxann soon realised this was the car Cindi drove, and decided to act. Their resulting actions have warmed hearts all over the world.

One day – like any other, by her estimations – Cindi’s boss told her to leave the restaurant and go out into the parking lot. Gary and Roxann were waiting there … with a little surprise.


A brand new vehicle

When Cindi got outside, Gary led her away from the restaurant and towards the cars. When they stopped, suddenly, before a silver car with a red bow on its roof, Cindi realised what was about to happen.

That’s right; the couple had decided to help Cindi out by getting her a new car. They appreciated the hard work she did at the restaurant and enjoyed the service she provided so much, that the gift was their way of saying thank you.


In a bid to reward her positive attitude towards life, Gary and Roxann gave her the keys to her new car. The love didn’t stop there, though! After the local car dealer found about about the gesture, he decided to wave any fees involved.

You see, performing a good deed for another human being can really make a huge difference in their lives. Here’s to hoping that the Tacketts’ beautiful actions can inspire others to spare a thought for someone who might need a little help – regardless of how nominal the notion might seem.

Watch the video above to see Cindi being presented with her new car. It will warm your soul!

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