Dad celebrates birthday with his six daughters – watch the hilarious reaction from one of his babies

If you’re the parents of six girls including quintuplets life has to be chaotic.

As a mother of just two children it’s always chaos in our house and trying to organize anything that just involves adults, such as a birthday, sometimes isn’t even worth it. I can’t imagine trying to celebrate a birthday with that many children.

In the video you’re about to see I was amazed that these babies stood so quietly to wish their daddy a Happy Birthday.

But, just when you think it all went so well one of the babies has a hilarious reaction, that has gone viral



When a child is as young as these quintuplets any cake with candles is exciting, whether it’s for you or not.

These babies’ faces when mom brings the cake in for dad is so adorable.

The older sister clearly knows what is going on and happily sings along with her mom.

So, after the mom and older sister had finished singing “Happy Birthday,” the girls watched eagerly as Dad got ready to blow out the candles.


Dad gently brings the cake and lit candles toward him so he can blow them out but has no idea what is about to happen.

I’m so glad mom was recording this, it’s priceless.


Watch this baby’s hysterical response in the video below. You cannot help but laugh.

Please share this with everyone you know, especially parents. I cannot stop watching it and seeing the different reactions on everybody’s face, it’s so adorable!