Dad disguises himself as waiter and gives his kids the surprise of their life

A casual lunch out with mom turned out very differently for two children in the Philippines.

The siblings, named Princess and Joshua, had been away from their father, Mario Sayson, for three years. Mario was working overseas as an electrical engineer.

But when it was time to finally come home to the Philippines, Mario decided not to tell his kids in advance. Instead, with the help of wife Shellan, they concocted the perfect plan to give their children the surprise of their life.

It involved a restaurant visit, a bandana, and a lot of heart.


Mario disguised himself as a waiter and the restaurant his wife and children would visit that day.

“I asked the staff of the restaurant if I can use their venue to surprise my kids and they said yes, but while I was serving the food I couldn’t help but cry,” he said according to Newsflare. “It was hard to keep calm and surprise them when I just wanted to hug them after so much time away.”

Watch the heartwarming surprise reunion below.

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