Dad shaves his head to teach his daughter an important lesson

For any family, raising a child that is “different” because of a medical issue prevents its own set of unique challenges.

Sometimes, no matter how much parents assure their child that they are loved and accepted for their uniqueness, society’s pressures can affect the way a child sees themselves. It’s so incredibly sad to see a beautiful, brilliant child who thinks they are less because of the way they look.

That’s when it’s important for parents to step in and show their child that there is nothing wrong with being different.

Chelsea Sylvaria wanted to share with the world how much she loves her family, but especially, the way her husband helps to raise their children.

One of their kids, Riley, has alopecia, so she has no hair. Talking to her children one day, Chelsea discovered that little Riley was struggling with being different. That’s when Riley’s Dad stepped up to help and to teach Riley a lesson about self-acceptance.

His gesture assured Riley that her family is there for her no matter what.

Chelsea shared the touching story on her Facebook page:

“So since it’s my anniversary I am going to share one of the many reasons why I am so in love with my husband… I was hesitant about sharing this at first- but it makes my heart just melt…

…yesterday I was joking around with Riley and telling her everyone I loved… ‘I love Riley, I love Gavin, I love Grayson… etc’ Riley then looked at me and went, ‘and do you love yourself???’ I immediately said ‘of course I do, you always have to love yourself! Do you love yourself???’

And she responded very softly, ‘no.’ I was a bit taken aback and said, ‘what do you mean you don’t love yourself?’ To which she uttered my worst fear… ‘I don’t love myself because I don’t have hair!’ “

Facebook/Chelsea Sylvaria

Chelsea’s husband came home and after a chat with Riley assuring her how loved she is, he decided to show her… by shaving his own head!

head shaving
Facebook/Chelsea Sylvaria

“Fast forward to later that night when we got home… Dave wanted to talk to her about what she had said… this was the result.”

Facebook/Chelsea Sylvaria

“I LOVE this man with all my heart. (Riley is currently over being upset about having no hair, minor bump in the road of life!)”

Facebook/Chelsea Sylvaria

Not only did Dave’s gesture help Riley with her concerns about her appearance, he brought a smile to her face. That in itself makes it totally worth it!

Watch the moving video clip below:

Riley and her Dad, Dave, remind all of us that unique is beautiful. Please like and share this uplifting message!

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