Dad sings classic song to baby daughter – the clip of her reaction is taking the internet by storm

As a parent there is nothing better than seeing your baby happy, so watching this beautiful video of a dad singing to his two-month-old baby daughter cannot fail to tug on the heart strings.

The cameras have captured that truly special relationship between father and daughter, and the daughter’s reaction is really quite extraordinary.

Dad sings the classic song, released by Joe Cocker in the ’70s “You are so beautiful” and sings it beautifully.

He holds her head so tenderly and she gurgles with glee as he begins the beautiful song. Then it doesn’t take long before she’s completely captivated by daddy and cannot stop smiling.

The moment below is something that all parents will enjoy watching. It’s really nice to see the bond that exists between daddy and daughter. It’s an emotional moment and brings back beautiful memories of having a newborn.

I really think everyone should take the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful relationship between father and daughter. Please share so that more people can see!