Dad sings in kitchen, but he’s not the one getting attention: just watch this baby’s reaction

Many countries have nice national anthems, and one that many people around the world probably recognize is America’s. But it’s not an easy song to sing.

In this video, we hear a dad singing the America’s National Anthem. But he’s not the one getting all the attention — and you’ll understand why when you watch his baby boy’s reaction.

The video starts out with a dad singing the American National Anthem with great feeling. But there’s someone else in the kitchen who soon grabs all the attention. After a little while, his baby boy cautiously starts singing. The boy has a lot of feeling and seems eager to sing with his dad.

A bunch of times it almost sounds like the little guy is actually able to pronounce the lyrics, which can’t be easy for someone so young.

The lovely duet continues, but it’s around 50 seconds in when it gets amazing. Suddenly, the baby lifts both arms in the air and sings with full force. What a performance!

Photo: Facebook

It’s wonderful to see this baby’s enthusiasm. He’s really looking forward to enjoying being in the spotlight.

Talk about a baby being an adorable little star! I can’t stop laughing when I watch this video.

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