Dad tweets his daily conversations with his girls and the results are hilarious

I think all parents can agree there are countless moments when your child says something so funny you wished you could write it down.

Their honesty and constant questioning of the world around them is so refreshing.

Most parents want to document their children’s life through photos but one dad has gained international recognition for tweeting the daily conversations he has with his four young girls. When you read the selection below you’ll understand why.


Exploding unicorn aka James Breakwell is a comedy writer and father of four girls from Indianapolis who tweets the hilarious conversations he has with his girls, who are all under the age of 8.

His Twitter feed went viral in 2016 and he now has over one million followers.

James told Buzzfeed about the ups and downs of Twitter and how his kids feel about it all.

“They like what I do on Twitter mainly because it’s all about them,” he said. “On one hand, Twitter makes me a better father because I spend more time with my kids. On the other hand, Twitter makes me a much worse father because I only do it to get more material.”

The conversations they have at the end of a school day make for some very entertaining reading.

His four girls do not hold anything back.

So many parents can relate to what he tweets about.

We’re reminded of how brutally honest our kids can be.

In 2017 James released his first book “Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent’s Guide for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” and went on to launch his own YouTube channel where his family and their pet pig Gilly make regular appearances.

Speaking about his first book he told Indystar, “Every other survival guide out there is, What would Bear Grylls do? This hardcore survivalist out on his own, what would he do if a bear attacked or zombies attacked?

“What about the rest of us? What if you’re out of shape, and you’re dragging along four kids, and you just have no idea what to do? You have no skills whatsoever. That’s what this book is about.”

As for being a parent he says, “I guess it’s pretty much the same thing. It’s just one failure after another. You just have to fail in the forward direction and hope you get the kids out the door eventually.”

He may just be the funniest man on Twitter. Please share with all the parents you know and let them know they are not alone in this crazy world of parenting.