Dad’s life saved by heart transplant, then loses fiancée to cancer

What started out as a wonderful love story filled with hope ended in tragedy and today a little girl’s Mother’s Day will forever be a day of sadness.

Sam Rudland met the love of his life Amy Watts in 2012 and they had a daughter together.

Sam had been plagued with health problems after being diagnosed with a condition that left him with heart issues at just 18 years old. Doctors told him he wouldn’t live past 35 years old.

In 2017 he was given the unbelievable news that he was to receive a heart transplant. But while Sam was given a new lease of life, Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After their relationship had been dominated by Sam’s health issues, Amy then became very sick and died in March last year, just 48 hours before the couple were due to get married.

Amy was cremated in her wedding dress after passing away on Mothering Sunday in the U.K.

Sam, an engineer from Bristol, England, was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia which causes a thickening of the heart muscle. He was told he wouldn’t make it past 35 years old and that a heart transplant was unlikely.

But after meeting Amy his whole life changed; they had a baby girl Esmee, they got engaged to be married and then he was told he would have a life-saving heart transplant.

However, around the same time Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite intensive treatment, the cancer spread to her liver and she died aged 42 years old.

The couple had bought their wedding date forward as Amy’s condition got worse but just 48 hours before they were due to say their vows she died.

“Amy was an incredible mum to Esmee, who is the most precious, amazing little girl,” Sam told The Sun newspaper.

‘As close to perfect as you could expect’

“It is a very cruel twist of fate that she so badly wanted to be a mum, then had it snatched away.

“We probably had two good years together which weren’t plagued by illness. They were as close to perfect as you could expect.

“Esmee has wonderful memories of Amy, but I worry they’ll fade. She’s come so close to losing both parents, it doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Out thoughts are with Sam and his beautiful daughter and we wish them all the health and happiness in the future.

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