Dame Judi Dench becomes Vogue’s oldest cover star in history at 85 – congratulations ❤️

Dame Judi Dench has become the oldest ever cover star for fashion magazine British Vogue.

The 85-year-old made history by appearing on the cover for the June edition of the magazine in what is the latest remarkable feat of her storied career.

Vogue magazine has been running for over 100 years, with the New York-based publication having garnered an illustrious reputation.

Dench’s appearance makes her the oldest cover to front British Vogue, but the legendary actress says she has no plans to retire.

“No, no, no, no. Don’t use that word, Giles. Not in this house. Not in here. Wash your mouth out,” she said when asked.

Dench is currently self-isolating at home in response to the coronavirus pandemic, but hopes to be back in action soon.

“I am sure I feel like everyone else, such unprecedented times are quite hard to comprehend,” she said.

“What is a good thing is that it has made people aware of the predicament of others who are completely alone. If a great deal of kindness comes out of this, then that will be a plus.”

We love you, Dame Judi Dench! Keep on being you and keep on being an inspiration to others!

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