Daughter fulfills dream of wedding dance with dying father – despite no groom

A wedding day is the ultimate special occasion. For the bride to share her day with those closest to her is important to so many women. For the father of the bride it’s a chance to share a special father-daughter dance; a pivotal moment in so many girls’ lives.

But for one woman she was eager to share the special moment with her father, even before she’d found her groom —  her father was terminally ill and she needed to act fast to fulfill her lifelong dream. Two days later, her father was gone; but it would be another three years before she shared footage of that moment with her friends and family.

Lynn Parnell, of Cornelius, North Carolina, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2003 and spent more than a decade battling the disease. In May 2015, his family was told he had only weeks to live.His daughter Meredith wanted to have her dream wedding dance with her dear father, even though she was single at the time.

So on April 3, 2015, Meredith borrowed a beautiful gown and entered the living room where her father was waiting.

Lynn immediately started crying, kissed his daughter’s hand and used all his strength to lift himself up out of his wheelchair. Lynn leaned forward as they danced to John Mayer’s “Daughters.”

“That moment is priceless,” Meredith told Caters News. “He danced as long as he could before the strength ran out. What a gift.”

Sadly, Lynn passed away two days later.

“When my Dad and I were dancing, he told me how proud he was of me and how beautiful [I] looked—it became very much what it’d be like at my real wedding,” Meredith said.

Three years later Meredith married and was able to incorporate her beautiful and moving video into her wedding day. Meredith said seeing her father in the video on her big day gave her “indescribable strength.”

She added, “Having this moment to look back on is more incredible that I could ever put into words.”

Watch the beautiful father-daughter dance in the video below.

Meredith will always be able to look back on that special moment with her dad. What a wonderful way to honor his memory. Please share this touching and beautiful moment between father and daughter with your friends and family.