Daughter hides camera in mom’s nursing home room: rewinds tape and hears 2 horrifying words

If we’re lucky, we will all live to a ripe old age.

Although it’s a blessing to live and enjoy so many years, our golden years can also bring us difficulties. Sadly, in some cases it just isn’t possible for us to look after ourselves.

If we ever end up in that position – or if we have elderly relatives who we can’t care for ourselves – we want to think that the care homes we turn to provide the best possible care, with plenty of love and patience.

Sadly, this isn’t always the case, as Diana Pepin discovered when she installed a hidden camera in her mother’s room in a nursing home in Ottawa, Canada.

Diana Pepin’s mother Viola has been in the same care home with the same carer for years. She is 86 years old and cannot move or speak due to a traumatic brain injury, however daughter Diana says that she can still understand what’s happening around her.

Subjected to torture

Diana is a former nurse, and she wanted to ensure that Viola’s care worker was taking care of her properly, particularly regarding Viola’s hygiene. So she set up a hidden camera in Viola’s room. What she captured was worse than she could have imagined.

On the tape, Viola’s care worker can be heard verbally abusing the woman. The camera captured the words:

“Die, die you bitch. You’ve got to die now.”

Not an isolated incident

Of course, Diana was horrified and immediately reported the incident to the care home.

“My mother had to go to sleep, had to go to bed that night, be tucked in by this person. This is her primary evening caregiver,” Diana tells CBC Canada. “This is torture.”

The City of Ottawa later confirmed that the carer had been fired, and that two other staff members who witnessed the abuse but didn’t report it had also been let go.

You can see the disturbing moment for yourself on the recording below:

This is absolutely disgusting. How could anyone want to treat another human being like this, especially one who is so defenseless? People like this shouldn’t be allowed near the care industry.

Please help us share this story to make people aware that abuse is not OK and should always be reported. Help us wish Diana and her mother good luck and a fast recovery.

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