Deaf mother gets back hearing after 34 years – next surprise comes when mother-in-law’s plan is revealed

Imagine you’ve been deaf your whole life and you suddenly hear for the first time as an adult.

That’s what happened to 34-year-old Sarah Churman from Burleson, Texas, USA.

She had lived her whole life without hearing. But after being deaf for more than 30 years, she had an operation that made it possible to hear in her right ear.

All she wanted was to listen to her children’s laughter and hear the birds sing outside her window. Then one day, she heard about a new hearing implant and immediately wanted to try it.

There was only one problem: the procedure was expensive and she couldn’t afford it.

Image Source: YouTube

The implants cost $30,000 per ear — a price that put them way out of her budget, she told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

In the audience was Sarah’s stepmother, who had taken money out of her retirement savings so that Sarah could get an implant in one ear and hear for the first time.

Image Source: YouTube

Sarah’s mother-in-law explained that she’s the “best daughter in the world,” and when Ellen first heard of this story, she immediately knew she wanted Sarah and her family to appear on her show. Sarah explained that her health insurance didn’t cover hearing implants, which is why they are so expensive.

But what Sarah didn’t know when she sat down with Ellen was that she and the implant company had a surprise in store for Sarah. It was something that would make her cry.

Watch the full reveal in the clip below.

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