Doctor delivers rare triplets, only to be left frozen when 3rd baby comes out still ‘in womb’

Every birth is a miracle but multiple births are really extraordinary.

About 1 in 67 pregnancies result in mutiple births. Triplets are less common than twins with one in every 8,000 births being triplets.

The delivery you’re about to see is even more amazing and something I’ve never seen before.

A woman carrying triplets gives birth to one baby but when the second comes out, the medical team around her are so shocked they start filming.

The images were then quickly spread around the world as millions marveled at the shocking sight.

Dr. Rodrigo da Rosa Filho was delivering a set of triplets. It seemed like your typical cesarean delivery of triplets but it turned out to be anything but.

Two of the babies were born en caul which means that the baby is born with their amniotic sac still intact.

The amniotic sac surrounds us in the womb ensuring a protective layer; it’s a protective yolk-like sac that forms around the baby in the early stages of development and provides nourishment.

When it’s time for baby to enter the world it breaks free of the sac, as it’s no longer required.

En caul, or veiled, births are incredibly rare. They occur in one in every 80,000 births.

Such deliveries actually offer an easier delivery for the mom and protects the baby from the mother’s contractions.

These births don’t pose a risk to baby and the doctors can just pop the surrounding sac like a balloon.

Dr Filho delivered the first baby, whose name is unknown, and then the two that came after, Joaquim and his sister Adeline, who were born en caul.

Joaquim was awake when he was born and quickly released from his sac.

His sister, however, was still sound asleep when she was delivered.

Dr. Filho recorded Adeline asleep in her sac which shows nurses stroking the sleeping baby’s feet. You can see the baby wiggle around.

Eventually, after about seven minutes, Adeline was removed from her sac.

‘It’s the magic of life’

In a translation of the doctor’s Instagram post, he tells everyone:

“Yesterday we birthed the triplets! And Joaquim was born veiled (when the waters/sac does not break). We were delighted. But then came Adeline…she was also born en caul, and left us all admiring her as she slept soundly. We stayed (that way) for seven minutes observing her behavior as if it were still inside her belly. It’s the magic of life.”

See this incredible delivery in the video below.

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