Doctor jumps during ultrasound when baby suddenly turns to Mom and Dad and waves

Every parent knows the joy of welcoming their first baby into the world. It’s an unforgettable moment: You pick up your baby for the first time, cradle them in your arms and say “hello” to the precious new addition to your family.

But what if your baby beats you to it and says “hi” first? Sounds impossible, right?

Well, that’s what some people are saying happened to a British couple when they went in for a routine ultrasound.

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Lucy Bearley and Stuart Barrett live in the town of Thatcham, about an hour west of London, England. On March 5, the couple gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. But by the time he was born, he was already famous.

Last fall, when Lucy was in the 28th week of her pregnancy, Stuart accompanied her when she went in for a routine ultrasound.

Image Source: YouTube

The baby had been very active in the womb up to that point and the couple couldn’t wait to see their little bundle of energy onscreen. But they never could’ve imagined what they’d see when they cast their eyes on their son for the first time.

Image Source: YouTube

Seconds into the ultrasound, the baby suddenly turned to the camera and started waving, as if to say hello to Mom and Dad.

At first, only dad, Stuart, caught it. Astonished, he asked the ultrasound technician to rewind the tape so everyone could see it.

When he did, the technician also couldn’t believe his eyes.

It was out of this world! Sure, you see babies sucking their thumbs or wriggling around in ultrasounds. But babies waving at the camera? Not so much!

Image Source: YouTube

The couple was blown away. They couldn’t help but share the footage with friends and family, who also shared it — and pretty soon, the footage had gone viral. Suddenly, their son was internet famous before he was even born!

Check out the video below and to see the amazing moment when this precious baby waves at the camera:

The skeptics out there might say that the tiny boy was just randomly moving around in his mommy’s womb. But I prefer to think that he was just excited to come out and meet his parents.

What do you think? Was this baby really saying “hello”? Either way, this is just too cute! Share it with your loved ones so they can also see this precious video!