Doctor pulls out ukulele and sings for little girl – but now watch what happens to her legs

I’ve always been impressed by doctors. They do some of the most important, if not the most important, work anyone could do.

Even when they just do their job, doctors help people get better. But when they go above and beyond the call of duty, doctors really melt my heart.

That’s why I was so moved when I saw what this doctor in Brazil did for his 19-month-old patient named Sophia.

Paulo Martins is a doctor in Brazil who loves his job. And it’s clear from this video how much he cares about his patients.

Paulo works at Clínica de Ribeirão Preto Hospital in Sao Paolo. On his Instagram account, he usually shares scenes from work and he obviously loves music and often plays for his patients to make them smile and give them strength.

Recently, Paulo posted a video with Sophia, who is 19 months old. She has problems with her immune system and is at the hospital fighting to get better.

Photo: Facebook

In the video you see Paulo open his ukulele and start to sing and play “Eu sei de Cor” by singer Marília Mendonca.

Being in the hospital isn’t usually fun, especially for young children who long to play and do all the things that children should be doing.

Photo: Facebook

It’s wonderful to see how much this doctor cares about his patients. And it’s even better seeing how happy Sophia is. Her reaction to the music is wonderful and she takes some nice steps and dances.

After the video was published on Facebook, it exploded and has now received 300,000 shares!

We hope Sophia feels better soon and we applaud this wonderful doctor for his commitment. The world needs more people like him. If you agree, you are welcome to share it with your loved ones.