Doctor turns pale at discovery in pregnant mom’s belly: then she takes a critical decision that’s hailed all over the world

Becoming a mom for the first time is a huge and magical moment in any woman’s life.

Welcoming your first child also brings huge changes in both parents’ lives.

Sadly for Kimi Maxwell in Perth, Australia, her pregnancy turned into a real-life nightmare.

She was overjoyed to be welcoming a new family member into the world – but it would soon turn into the scariest time in her life when she received some terrifying news.

Warning: article contains graphic photos 


It was during a routine ultrasound that doctors discovered something in pregnant Kimi’s belly.

After several tests at the hospital they discovered that the mom had breast cancer.

The doctor explained to Kimi that she had a good chance of recovering if she underwent treatment. But sadly, he explained that undergoing treatment meant that Kimi would have to chose between her own life and her unborn child’s.

But Kimi refused to accept the doctor’s words. She chose option number 3.


Kimi refused to undergo chemotherapy or any other medication during her pregnancy.

Instead she found her own way to fight for her life and protect her child at the same time.

The solution turned out to be a double masectomy, an operation that involves removing both breasts.

Kimi went through the procedure while she was heavily pregnant, which can be extremely risky.

But luckily everything went well – thanks to skillful doctors and Kimi’s bravery.


To encourage other women to never give up, Kimi decided to do a photoshoot showing her scars after her operation, and also her beautiful pregnancy. The black-and-white photos are stunning.


After the birth Kimi stood in front of the camera again, this time with her newborn baby in her arms. She hoped to raise awareness of breast cancer. 


The photos spread like wildfire, and thousands of people around the world have praised Kimi for her bravery – and her incredible photos.

Her message is incredibly important and powerful: Yes, you can survive breast cancer while you’re pregnant!


Although her decision was risky, Kimi proves that a mother’s love can overcome anything!

How incredible that she’s spreading her message to comfort and encourage other breast cancer survivors.

Please share these beautiful photos if you think we could all learn from Kimi’s strength and courage.

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