Doctors deliver mom’s first child – shocked 4 hours later when she suddenly flees from delivery room

Ask any parent, and you’ll get the same answer – one of the greatest moments in life is when you first discover you’re going to be a mom or dad.

This is precisely the kind of news Emily Chell and Wayne Barratt received. The couple had already decided that they would spend the rest of their lives together — and so when they learned that Emily was pregnant, they were thrilled. A little boy was expected to soon accompany them on their adventure.

Emily’s pregnancy proceeded without any major complications and her deliver date soon approached. But what nobody knew at the time was just how dramatic that day would be.

Posted by Emily Olivia Chell on Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Emily Chell and Wayne Barratt could hardly wait for the big day, counting down the days until their son’s delivery.

There was only a small, little problem. Three weeks before her due date, Emily’s sister was scheduled to get married — another momentous life event, and something Emily definitely did not want to miss.

Fortunately, the wedding and Emily’s delivery were scheduled to occur a few weeks apart.

But life is, as everyone knows, unpredictable. And the night before the wedding, Emily’s water broke.

Posted by Emily Olivia Chell on Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Emily, who was at a hotel at the time with her sister preparing for the wedding, was rushed to hospital. She arrived at midnight with one thing in mind: it was virtually impossible, but she would do everything in her power to not miss her sister’s wedding.

“The doctors kept telling me if there were no complications and he was born by 7am we would make it. Even though he was born at 7.10am they let us go,” Emily told The Sun.

The birth thankfully went well, and at 7.10am, Emily and Wayne became parents of little son Brody! It was an unforgettable moment — and now there was one more mission to be accomplished.

Posted by Emily Olivia Chell on Thursday, 14 June 2018

Following the deliver, Emily and Brody took a well-deserved rest at the hospital. But just four hours later, at 11.15, she felt ready. The family rushed out of the hospital — hoping to get to church on time.

And to everyone’s great astonishment — they showed up at the wedding.

“I was ten minutes late but people had waited for me so I walked down the aisle holding Brody. Everyone cheered when we walked in. It was a lovely moment,” Emily told The Sun.

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The new mother joyfully attended the wedding and even got to proceed with her role as a bridesmaid to her sister. And she did all of it with one day old Brody in her arms!

“Emily tried her hardest to get to the wedding and I was glad she made it in time. We’ll now always share our anniversary with Brody, ” Emily’s sister Katie told The Sun.

What an unlikely day, and how wonderful for Emily, who became both a mother and managed to attend her sister’s wedding. 

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