Mom abandons her 1-year-old baby in a house

Just over 10 years ago something very tragic happened in the Russian city of Yaroslavl.

A woman was walking past a house when she heard a scream and assumed it was a harmless cry and the child’s parents would deal with it.

But when she walked past the house again the next day the scream had turned into a hoarse cry so she decided to investigate. The house looked deserted and something didn’t feel right so she called the police, writes .

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When the police arrived, they found a deserted house. The people who had lived there before had just gathered a few belongings and left the place.

But in the midst of the deserted house a screaming baby was found alone.

Nobody knew how long she had been left alone in the house and she was taken to hospital immediately,  writes .

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Authorities were able to identify the girl as Liza Verbitskaya but her parents could not be tracked down.

Doctors found Liza to be severely malnourished and suffering a fractured hip.

One day a mom, who was staying at the hospital overnight to be near her son, heard Liza crying and started to ask about her.

On learning her story and meeting the sweet child the mom wanted to do all she could to help her.

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Mom Inna started to visit her frequently and brought her new clothes, food and toys.

One day Inna visited and was sad to learn that Liza had been discharged from hospital and had been taken to an orphanage.

Inna had developed such a strong bond with Liza that she wanted to adopt the little girl. So she contacted the orphanage and examined the possibilities.

The mother soon began the adoption process and after much paperwork, Liza was allowed to live with Inna and her family, where she was surrounded by love and happiness.

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Liza was not developing as quickly as other children; it was clear she had suffered as a baby.

But Inna was more determined than ever and would make sure her little girl got all the love and support she needed.

Inna decided to take Liza to dance classes, hoping that the music could help and inspire her to develop both physically and mentally.

Thanks to dance, combined with her adoptive mother’s love and care, Liza blossomed to be a healthy, happy child.

When Liza started school, her classmates teased her for her darker skin but it didn’t phase her.

Liza didn’t care about the stares or hurtful words. “She is not ashamed of who she is. When she was little, I told her, ‘People will always stare at you – be prepared for it,’” says Inna.

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Now Liza is in her teens and has become known for her dance talents. She has won numerous competitions and also received awards at beauty competitions.

Liza’s success threw her into the spotlight and her biological mother saw her and wanted to make contact with her.

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Liza did not want to see her biological mother and all requests for a meeting with her were denied.

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I am so pleased that Liza found the love and happiness she deserves.

Having gone from being abandoned by her own mother to the success she has achieved is such an inspiration. 

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