Elderly couple find themselves living in their car – until three ‘angels’ show up and give them the lift they need

As I’ve got older and had my own family, I appreciate my parents a lot more and the sacrifices they’ve had to make for me.

To think of them in dire straits and not lend a helping hand is unthinkable.

But this is exactly what happened to Gordon and Dee Head.

The couple, aged in their 70s, hit rock bottom when a job fell through and they found themselves living in their car in a Walmart parking lot with their three dogs.

But little did they know an angel (or three) was about to answer their prayers.


Fox 13 News

The couple had moved from Texas to Florida with the promise of a job in a hospital for Gordon, a master plumber.

But when they arrived in Florida the job fell through and with no savings, the couple were facing dire straits.

Social security covered their day to day expenses but it wasn’t enough to put a roof over their heads so they had no choice but to live in their car.

Gordon said they turned to their children for help but “they didn’t seem to care.”

“The other day I asked God to send us some angels,” an emotional Gordon told Fox 13 News.

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Fox 13 News

The next day Brandi Dussing, her sister and her friend were passing the couple’s car and noticed their situation.

“I offered to get them some food and he (Gordon) said he didn’t want to take advantage of us,” Brandi told Fox 13 News.

But the girls wouldn’t take no for an answer and fed the couple and their dogs. They even took to social media to ask others to help the needy couple.

They set up a fundraiser which attracted over $14,000 worth of donations and even tried to find a temporary foster home for the couple’s dogs.

Find out more about these kind-hearted girls and the couple’s progress in the clip below.

We all have a duty to help our parents when they need it most, especially as they hit retirement age.

Thank goodness these three angels were there to help.

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