Elderly man glares at mom’s diverse family, then makes her lose it when he comes close to mutter remark

When it was time for Jessica and her husband to have a family they had no idea the tough road they had ahead of them.

But thanks to their strong love for each other and faith they now have a beautiful family with three adopted children.

It hasn’t been an easy road and Jessica’s beautiful diverse family constantly have to answer obvious questions about adoption from strangers.

Thankfully positive mama Jessica sees it as a way of sharing their experiences with others.

But Jessica will never forget the day one elderly man’s comment in a restaurant left her in tears.

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We saw @instantfamily tonight and I literally ugly cried in the theater. I’m talking, the high school couple groping each other beside me thought I had lost it, I was straight up crazy, like snorting and all. It was such an accurate depiction of foster care and all the emotions on every single side. It’s been a rough little bit with our boy sorting through some pretty big feelings. So in the movie when they said, “The hard things are the things that matter most,” I wailed (out loud). ?? Because it’s so true. And then without us even knowing, my sister @jleighmills and brother in law walk out of the movie into the lobby and I screamed across the way, “Were y’all in that movie?” They were. As I was sobbing (you know when you see family and your heart is tender it just makes you cry more and harder?). We both said, “Could you hear me crying in there?!” ??? It was good. It felt good to be understood tonight. Even if it was by actors. It’s good to be reminded that the hard things are the ones that really matter. ? It doesn’t make it any less hard, it just makes it more important to keep on keeping on. And we needed that tonight. #gracewhilewewait #instantfamily #fostercare #thisisfostercare

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Jessica Satterfiled and her family live life to the full and her and her husband make sure their three children are surrounded by love and enjoy special experiences.

 All of the couple’s adoptions were transracial so as a family they have to endure the stares, surprised looks and constant questions.

And one warm summer’s evening when the family were out enjoying burgers was no exception. An elderly man sat staring at the family and then walked toward them.

Jessica was annoyed by the staring and when she saw him coming toward them got ready for the comment or question.

The man then shook her husband’s hand and looked at Jessica.

Jessica would never forget what he then said to her, “I just wanted to tell you that you have such a beautiful family.”

The man’s eyes were filled with tears as he said it. Then, he walked away. Jessica and her husband were left open-mouthed with shock.

Tears rolled down Jessica’s cheeks as she realized people do see their family just as they do: beautiful.

Jessica and her husband are raising their kids to know that love conquers all. What a family looks like and whether they all match is of no significance.

Love knows no boundaries, and Jessica is raising her kids to understand this. And what amazing human beings they will grow up to be with this powerful and loving mama in their lives.

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