Elvis Presley’s daughter and grandson is the spitting image of the King

Elvis Presley is more than a nostalgic memory in the minds of his family, friends and dedicated fans.

To some of the most devoted, it continues to be a fascination, pastime, or even a way of life. Some even believe Elvis didn’t actually die, but instead lives on.

Conspiracy theorists claim Elvis is still alive and from time to time, people “see” The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll at gas stations, convenience stores, or on the street.

There are many people who may look like Presley at first glance and after Elvis’ death on August 16, 1977 in Memphis, Tennessee, there have been many who refuse to believe he’s gone.

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Personally I’ve never been convinced by any of them. I’ve preferred to just enjoy the music left behind by a musical legend and cultural icon.

A number of individuals over the years have claimed to be the King’s son or daughter as the result of a clandestine affair.

Some of these individuals seem sincere in their beliefs, while others appear to simply be seeking fortune and fame. Most often they are revealed as liars.

Elvis was married to Priscilla Presley and they had one child together – Lisa Marie Presley, who has four children.

Inherited the King’s baby blue eyes

Now, her son, Benjamin Keough, is gaining attention for looking just like his grandfather!

Benjamin is leaving Elvis fans all over the world in awe at the likeness between him and his grandfather. You could almost be tricked into thinking that Elvis is still alive…

He also inherited the King’s baby blue eyes, another Presley trademark.

The King never got to meet his grandson, but 25-year-old Benjamin is nearly identical to him.

For example, Lisa Marie told CMT in 2012 that everyone can’t help but notice the resemblance her son shares with her father.

He look’s like his mom who look’s like her dad!


Benjamin is the son of Lisa Marie and her ex, Danny Keough. The pair also have a daughter, Riley Keough.

Riley Keough has played a few roles in Hollywood and made headlines briefly in 2013, when rumors circulated that she stole Robert Pattinson away from Kristen Stewart.

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That turned out to be false, but Riley made headlines again when she married her fiancé, Ben Smith-Peterson, 2015.

Benjamin Keough never followed in his grandfather’s footsteps, but still the similarities are incredible.

What do you think? How much does Benjamin look like his grandfather?

Elvis Presley may be gone, but his memory lives on our hearts for ever!

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