Fallen trucker gets one last ride as drivers come out to honor him with their own procession

There are many ways those who have passed are honored, usually it’s with something that’s very personal to them, an interest they had or a special request they made before they passed.

When Mark Shuman died he was only 48 years old. As the owner of a trucking company his family decided to honor him with a symbol of the legacy he left behind.

Mark, who died of brain cancer, had so many people around him that loved and respected him that he was given a send off nobody could forget.


Last ride trucker
Luke Shuman/Facebook

A video posted to Facebook by Mark’s son, Luke, shows his casket being transported onto a pink and silver truck next to the American flag. “In loving memory of Mark Shuman” is displayed on the side of the truck.

The video, taken by a family friend, shows dozens of truckers coming out to take part in Mark’s procession to the church.

“This was a very emotional, yet proud day for everybody. Anyone who knew my Dad knows he likes to go big. You can tell just by looking at some of the trucks he designed in this video,” Luke wrote in his post

Luke said he was so emotional seeing all the truckers who came out to honor his dad.

“I want to thank each individual driver who came out to ride with dad one last time,” he wrote.

“The sound of all of your horns blaring at once gave me goosebumps, a smile from ear to ear, and many tears.

Luke’s post has been shared more than 5,000 times already which has also helped to collect countless donations for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Mark’s name.

Watch Mark’s final ride and the truckers that came out to honor him in the clip below.

Such a moving tribute to a man who was taken from us too soon. He clearly has the respect and love of the community.

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