Family enjoys 4th July parade – when suddenly mom sees 2 familiar faces and goes to pieces

It is a moment that all parents fear — but unfortunately we cannot control — when our children become young adults and fly the nest.

In some families, this could mean that the children suddenly move hundreds of miles away, and it is not possible for them to return home often — particularly if they’re in the military.

One mom knows exactly what feeling I’m talking about. Her beloved sons are away serving in the military; one was in the U.S. Army, the other in the U.S. Navy.

Every year the family enjoyed the Grass Lake 4th July parade; a special tradition the family had been enjoying for 25 years.

This year, though, would be tinged with sadness as they planned to watch the military parade traveling through their home town, knowing their sons John and Tom were not home — or so they thought.

parad, överraskning
Source: Youtube

In fact, the sons, together with their sister Shannon, had planned a special surprise. Both John and Tom were going to go to the military parade – but they decided not to tell their parents in advance.

When the big day arrived, the rest of the family, just as usual, went to watch the parade. The mother even filmed the Color Guard parade to send to her sons so they could feel they were part of the tradition!

But suddenly she saw two familiar faces in the middle of the parade. And what follows is just wonderful to see. “I was able to capture their complete surprise and shock as John and Tom marched towards them and the crowd erupted in cheers!”, writes Shannon on Youtube.

The clip has been seen almost 3 million times on Youtube, and when you watch it you’ll understand why. I think all mothers can relate to this mother’s reaction when she finally meets her sons again!

The clip captures exactly what many of us parents recognize – when your children leave and the absolute joy and emotion you feel when you finally see them again.

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