Fast food worker breaks protocol – 30 minutes later, young boy hands him note that changes everything

As a fast food worker, Travis Sattler is used to his shifts blending into one. He likes to serve people, and always tries his best to ensure they have everything they need, but in the main he’s not used to seeing things all that unusual.

When a little boy approached him one day, however, Sattler couldn’t have guessed just how different that particular shift would be compared to others.

The restaurant’s surveillance cameras caught said little boy coming to Sattler, and it’s no surprise that since the footage was uploaded online it’s gained national attention…


Travis can clearly recall the moment a boy approached him during one fateful shift: “He wanted to order dessert. He was a little nervous. Ended up handing me everything he had.”

Despite the boy emptying his pockets, the boy was $2 short for his custard. Knowing that he couldn’t just leave the little guy hanging, Travis pulled out his own card and told the young customer, “it’s on me”.

The boy returned to his table and that was that; Travis assumed it was the end of it.

Only, it wasn’t. While Travis was finishing up – he was close to the end of his shift – the boy and his mother walked past on their way out of the restaurant. CCTV caught the boy returning to Travis and slipping him a piece of paper, on which was a hand-written note.

Travis, surprised and slightly confused, unfurled the note and read its contents. It’s safe to say he was more than just a little shocked.

Watch Travis’ story in the video below to see what happened next:

We think the world needs more people like Travis. He broke protocol by paying for the boy’s dessert himself, but this should serve as a lesson that acts of kindness often breed other acts of kindness. 

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