Father creates genius ‘Ultimate Diaper Changing Station’ from tool cart

Father creates genius ‘Ultimate Diaper Changing Station’ from tool cart

While it’s tough and exhausting having a baby, for some dads it can bring out the kid in them.

The internet is full of funny and light-hearted things dads get up to with their little ones; I’m sure most moms feel like suddenly they have two kids to look after.

When one dad was given the task, by his pregnant wife, of getting a new changing table he didn’t quite go about in the way she had hoped he would. The end result is making quite an impression online.

Often it’s the mothers who suddenly have all the weight of responsibility on their shoulders for a newborn; responsible for feeding, clothing and responding to their newborn’s every need.

Dads usually take the light-hearted approach to babies, throwing them up in the air and balancing bottles on their head, as we can see in the post below.

When you leave dad with the baby 🤣

Posted by Bridget Vanbuhler on Friday, September 7, 2018

David Pike was ready for the imminent birth of two new bundles of joy and was gathering a list of all the essentials. He told Love What Matters  that he and his wife already have kids, and as a mechanic he took a rather practical approach to some of these much-needed items.

One of those items was a diaper-changing table and having already gone through the baby stage he knew that this was an expensive item that wasn’t needed for very long.

He explained: “After testing the waters with a picture of one I found online and getting shot down before I could get the words out. I knew I needed to tread softly and go with another tactic; delay. The longer I waited to pick something out the more likely she would be more like, ‘Whatever, just find something and find something now.’

“Well guess whose evil planned worked plus it didn’t hurt having everyone online giving their opinion on the post I created lol. So, my process on projects is to think outside the box which typically means wandering up and down the aisles at Lowes and Home Depot looking for something to make work.”

Dave found, what he considered, the perfect solution – a changing table made out of a tool cart! His thinking was that he could re purpose it and therefore it was much better value for money.

Wife finally gave in and let me go to @homedepot to go buy “baby furniture” (Husky Tool Cart). Feast your eyes on the…

Posted by MotorCity Mechanic on Sunday, September 2, 2018

“Feast your eyes on the Ultimate Diaper Changing Station for under $200,” David posted on Facebook. “I added foam pipe insulation to the edges for protection/safety and some metal baskets underneath for the essentials.

“Throw in a @harborfreighttools LED light for those late night changes and a side shelf for easy reaching of those much needed wipes and you have yourself the most practical and functional changing station on the planet! Plus when all is done it makes its way to the garage for repurposing.”

It seems that thousands of people appreciated his practical view of baby equipment, or maybe they were just amused, as the post went viral.

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