Father gets a bad feeling – checks daughter’s iPad and finds out terrifying secret

Since the arrival of the internet, parents have got more to worry about when it comes to their children.

As most cell phones have access to the internet, parents often find it hard to keep track of who their children are talking to. Since Scott Jenkins has two daughters, he has always been vigilant about who they talk to and what they do, so he had no reason to believe his daughters were keeping bad company online.

But a strange feeling prompted him to check his eldest daughter’s iPad, and it was lucky he did because what he discovered could be described as every parent’s worst nightmare.

When Scott Jenkins noticed his 15-year-old daughter Haylee had become more secretive, he knew something was up. Going through his kids’ private things was not something he liked to do, but because he was worried about Haylee’s behavior, he decided to go through her iPad.

Inappropriate images

Scott discovered a group conversation with several “friends” on Haylee’s iPad which told him that something was wrong.

Then he found a picture, a questionably inappropriate one for a girl Haylee’s age and the sexy pose set his red flag instincts on fire. His digging then turned into a manhunt checking everything in all of her accounts, he told So Share this.


The “friends” were adult men

Powered by his unwavering drive to protect his daughter, he kept digging. Scott discovered that some of the “friends” in his daughter’s group chats were adult men. Scott then made a call to the Cyber Task Force of Portage Police in their home state of Michigan and all their technology was requested.

Seven months later, Scott received a call from the police asking him and his wife to come to the station. There they were told that the men his daughter was chatting to were involved in human sex trafficking. The police officers had created an alias and had managed to get 2,000 young girls to follow them, emphasizing how easy it was for men to trick girls online.

Men set up meeting with Haylee

Scott’s daughter Haylee had joined a group chat with three adult men who pretended to be younger with innocent intentions. In the group conversation, the men had set up a meeting with Haylee, which could have ended in the unthinkable for any parent.

Thanks to Scott’s instincts, he had put an end to something that could have destroyed his daughter’s life while teaching her a valuable lesson. Now he wants to let other parents know the importance of monitoring their children’s activity online to keep them safe.

– Scott says it’s worth upsetting your children if you’re trying to keep them safe.

– This is not someone else’s problem. Scott warns that this is happening right now and is as real as the tears he shed when his daughter lost her innocence.

Scott had noticed that his 15-year-old daughter Haylee had been acting more secretive and sneaky lately, but every time…

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