Dad struggles to breathe as car crushes him, then his 8-year-old son does something incredible

It was just an ordinary day for dad Stephen Parker as he worked on a car outside his Idaho home with his two sons.

But something happened that day that left him close to death and asking his 8-year-old son for help.

What his young son did for his dad has earned him a American Red Cross award for his quick thinking actions and a father that will forever be grateful to him for saving his life.




Gepostet von Stephen Parker am Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

‘I was totally trapped’

Stephen was working on the car with his two sons Mason, then aged 17 and his then 8-year-old son J.T.

Mason left the two of them to go inside the house and it was then that the shocking incident took place.

Stephen was trying to adjust the car’s axle when the car suddenly fell on top of him.

“My 8-year-old son and I were the only two out there. I was totally trapped. He was on the other side of the car so he couldn’t even see me,” Stephen told “I didn’t know if I should yell out to him because I didn’t want him to feel the pressure if he couldn’t jack it up.”

Continued to crush him

Stephen said he didn’t want his son to feel like it was his fault if he died but as the car continued to crush him and he was about to lose consciousness Stephen cried out for help.

His son, who weighed just 50 lbs, started jumping up and down on the jack and after a few minutes Stephen was freed from the car’s weight.

Photo: YouTube

JT’s quick-thinking actions saved his father’s life.

“It was scary, and I didn’t think that I could jack the car up, but I just kept on trying,” J.T. said in an interview with East Idaho News.

The young boy credits the help of angels for the super strength he had to save his dad that day.

“I was like it had to be help from above,” Stephen said. “It made me realize that we are not alone. There is a higher power taking care of us and watching over us.”

Find out more about this incredible boy in the video below.

No matter what your views, it’s nothing more than a miracle that the family’s youngest saved his father’s life this way! 

I too think angels were present and gave this boy the power he needed. Share if you do too!