Fire warning over latest TikTok viral ‘challenge’ sweeping the nation

A trend sweeping popular video app TikTok has caused firefighters across the nation to issue a stern alert warning it could spark a fire.

It follows a number of videos being uploaded showing kids plugging phone chargers into an outlet halfway and then sliding a penny down the back causing the outlet to spark and sometimes smoke.

Now firefighters are warning the irresponsible prank is putting themselves and those around them in danger. Kids are even carrying out the prank in classrooms.

The Holden Fire Department in Massachusetts has issued a warning over the prank on their Facebook page. It encourages parents to have conversations with their teenagers about this dangerous “challenge”.

Advisory – Viral Teen Video Resulting in Fire IncidentsThe Holden Fire Department would like to warn parents of a new…

Gepostet von Holden Fire Department am Dienstag, 21. Januar 2020

“State Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey released an advisory today to inform the general public of two incidents that have taken place in Massachusetts, one of which was in Holden. We would like parents to be aware of the new ‘challenge,’” the post read.

“These videos are a concern and similar to past viral videos that encourage unsafe behavior. We are alerting parents to this challenge, and advise them to not only look for signs of fire play like scorched outlets, but to have conversations about fire and electrical safety with tweens and teenagers.

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“In addition to electrical fire safety, the department would like to remind parents and children to discuss the dangers of certain online ‘challenges’ and recognizing the dangerous activity on the internet.”

The post also includes a list of electrical fire safety tips including installing tamper-resistant electrical outlets if you have small children, don’t overload outlets and insert plugs fully into sockets.

Find out more about this extremely dangerous trend in the clip below.

Lets hope enough conversations are had to stop this very dangerous trend before someone gets hurt.

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