Five boys blow parents away with stunning cover from “The Greatest Showman”

The sound of young children harmonising together is one that will never get old (pardon the pun).

There’s something innocent about children combining their voices for song, and it’s even better when it’s clear they have supreme confidence in their own abilities.

One group of five boys are taking the internet by storm after their rendition of a song from the 2017 hit film “The Greatest Showman” …

Let it never be said that singing (well) is an easy thing to do. Sure, anyone capable of making noise can sing in a sense, but it’s only through a great deal of natural skill and even more practise and effort that one can become adept.

What’s more, it’s often even harder to match your voice with others in a way that complements the overall sound.

Whoever wrote the rule book on expectations clearly didn’t tell these five boys, however, who were recorded singing “A Million Dreams” from “The Greatest Showman”.

Their performance might only have been in front of a live audience of proud parents, but let that take nothing away from the overall uniqueness.

In fact, the video of the boys has been received exceptionally well online, with many hailing their talents and looking forward to seeing what they can produce in the future.

Watch the video below to see them in action:

Children should always be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and hone their talents. It’s so great to see these five boys doing just that … and absolutely oozing confidence as well!

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