Frozen for 24 years: Newborn baby Emma is only 1 year younger than her mom

We can all agree that the arrival of a happy, healthy baby is truly a miracle. But the bundle of joy in this story is just a little more special than most.

Emma Wren Gibson may look like any other baby, but there’s one thing about her that’s making people scratch their heads: she’s 24 years old.

“I just wanted a baby. I don’t care if it’s a world record or not,” mom Tina Gibson tells CNN.

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Posted by Lite87 on Tuesday, 19 December 2017

On November 25 this year, little Emma Wren was welcomed to the world in Tennessee, USA. Parents Tina and Benjamin Gibson were overjoyed to meet their longed-for little girl.

But there’s one unbelievable detail that makes this baby unique.

Emma was conceived 24 years ago.

It may seem hard to get your head around, but Emma was conceived in 1992. She’s the result of an embryo that was frozen and donated by her biological parents.

“Emma is a miracle,” Benjamin Gibson said in a press statement to National Embryo Donation Center.

It all started when Tina and Benjamin started to dicuss having children. Tina, 26, and Benjamin, 33, knew that they probably wouldn’t be able to have children the natural way because Benjamin has cystic fibrosis.

So they decided to look into other options: Would they adopt and welcome a foster child into the family? They thought long and hard, but settled on embyro adoption after Tina’s dad saw a news report about it on TV. Tina had her doubts at first, but eventually the couple agreed that it was right for them.

An embryo adoption means that a couple who have fertilized embryos can choose to freeze and allow them to be adopted by other families. The embryo is kept frozen and then thawed when transferred to the mother’s womb.

World’s oldest embryo?

It’s hard to say whether Emma is the oldest embryo in world history, say doctors at The National Embryo Donation Center.

“Identifying the oldest known embryo is simply an impossibility,” says doctor Zaher Merhi,  director of IVF research and development at New Hope Fertility Center to CNN.

But for Tina and Benjamin it doesn’t make a difference whether their daughter has broken a record or not.

“I just wanted a baby. I don’t care if it’s a world record or not,” mom Tina tells CNN.

Now they’re excitedly making plans for the family’s first Christmas together!

So, what do you think? Isn’t it wonderful to see such a happy pair of new parents!

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