Girl with ‘backward knees’ found with stacks of cash – the reason why moves everyone to tears

Addie Bryan was born with “backwards” legs, and at just five days old, she had to wear casts. They were the first of around 60 or 70, and she has also endured a number of surgeries.

The brave youngster was born with Larsen syndrome, a rare condition that causes abnormal bone development. She spent most of her younger life at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

For her 8th birthday, Addie decided to do something very special, and her brave act stunned everyone who witnessed it.


Addie’s family couldn’t afford the expensive medical treatments she needed, and things would’ve been bleak were it not for the free care Addie received at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital.

Addie’s mom, Julie, told WFAA, “When she was born, her knees were backward, her legs were all the way up to her head, she had hip dysplasia and a club foot. We didn’t know if she would ever walk, if she would ever run.”

Thanks to doctors and other miracle workers at the hospital, Addie can now walk, run, jump and do so much more.

As her 8th birthday approached, Addie had a new lease of life. So instead of celebrating with the usual party and cake, Addie decided to do something so special that her story has stunned everyone who has heard about it.


This remarkable, sweet girl wanted to give back to the hospital that helped her. She made a homemade sign and stood on a busy street corner near her home in Rockwell, Texas. Then, Addie collected donations so that other children at the hospital could get prosthetic devices or casts to help them, too.

Addie’s perseverance and hard work paid off. News quickly spread about her wonderful campaign and she raised an impressive $19,500 to help other young patients. But, her amazing generosity didn’t stop there…

An anonymous philanthropist heard about Addie’s story and was moved by what she had overcome as a baby. The person wrote a letter to the hospital and included a donation in Addie’s name for $50,000, bringing the 8-year-old’s grand total to just shy of $70,000!

Now Texas Scottish Rite, which relies on charitable donations, can continue helping other kids just like Addie.


Please share this youngster’s amazing story with your friends and family. I’m sure we all agree that the world needs more beautiful souls like Addie!