Girl finds out she’s adopted – 37 years later, gets a letter that changes everything

In 1978, Jen was given up for adoption when she was a newborn. She spent three months in foster care before she was adopted by two very loving parents.

When Jen was seven years old, she was told that she was adopted and it devastated her.

She no longer knew her place in the world and longed to find out where she was from.

As she got older she started looking for answers without initially realizing the long and painful journey that was ahead of her. It was only when she received a letter that her life took a more positive turn and changed forever.



For those who have been adopted, trying to track your biological family can be a very frustrating process, especially if your biological family don’t want to be found.

Jen looked into countless records, created a family tree online, did an interview on local television – but nothing worked. She was convinced that she was never going to find out where she was really from.

She said she started seeing faces in crowds and wondering if they were her sister, mother or brother.


Thankfully an expert offered his assistance to help trace her family and came up with a new fourth cousin who might lead her to Jen’s great grandmother.

Working with the genealogy expert they then discovered her biological mother – and seven possible siblings!

“When I saw pictures I knew it was them,” Jen said on her Youtube channel.

She wrote a letter to her family and sent it for signed delivery but it was never signed for and it was never collected from the Post Office, which led Jen to believe they didn’t want to know her.


Then a message arrived for her via Facebook — it was from her sister.

Before opening the message, she was convinced that it would say “leave us alone” but instead she saw the phrases  “my little sister”, “hardest decision of her life” and “always loved you”.

The next day, she spoke to her biological mom for the first time and was told that she had avoided her letters thinking they would be filled with hate for her. Two months later, she and her family packed up their car and began the 17-hour journey to meet her biological family in Georgia.

It was an emotional reunion and a happy stay getting to know them all, as well as introducing her young son to his cousins…

What a wonderful story of hope and persistence which really paid off. Now Jen can be content that she has finally found her roots.

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