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Girl was placed in foster home – now watch her reaction when her new family makes a joyous announcement

We take so much for granted in life — like having a roof over our heads and food on the table.

But for Shailee, who lived with a foster family, her greatest wish was to be adopted, and only then would she be able she put an end to her uncertainty.

Then one day, her foster mom and dad took her on a drive and gave Shailee a surprise…

Shailee couldn’t believe her eyes when they told her that they had decided to adopt her — but the joyful news didn’t end there!




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When Shailee’s foster mom and dad told her that they had decided to adopt her, she was overwhelmed. At last, her dream had come true — she would finally become a permanent part of her beloved family. But she was still unsure exactly when it would happen.

Love What Matters/Youtube

What Shailee didn’t know was that her foster parents also had another surprise in store for her.

They picked up Shailee from school and gave her impression that it was just going to be a normal day. Then, Shailee’s foster dad suddenly told her that they were going to adopt her that very day! Shailee couldn’t believe her ears.

Love What Matters/Youtube

“Really? You’re lying!” Shailee says in the video.

But her new forever parents weren’t. Shailee was overwhelmed with all sorts of feelings. She experienced happiness and shock all at the same time!

Love What Matters/Youtube

Watch the clip below to see Shailee get her long hoped-for message. It’s so amazing to see. And it just shows you how important family is! SHARE if this video also warms your heart!