She gives homeless man a job – 2 weeks later he’s still stood in the same spot

In March 2016, a homeless man walked into Abi’s Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He looked owner Cesia in the eyes and begged for money.

“Why don’t you have a job?,” Cesia replied. “You know nothing is given to me for free, right?”

The man, Marcus, told Cesia that there was nothing he wanted more than a job.

But because he had a long list of felonies, it was pretty much impossible for any potential employer to trust him.

But instead of just waving Marcus away, Cesia decided to do something that we can all take inspiration from…

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Cesia Abigail is the owner of Abi’s Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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She has fought for a long time to keep the company afloat, and it’s been a tough battle.

But everything changed two years ago when a homeless man, Marcus, came into the cafe asking for money.

Cesia couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, however she didn’t have any money to offer.

She herself was broke, overworked and earned very little money. But she did need a helping hand.

Facebook/Cesia Abigail

“I was short staff that day,” Cesia writes on Facebook.

“So I asked him: ‘You want to work? I have a job for you!’

His eyes opened wide and his smile made my day!”

“Of course, I’ll do anything for some food,” said Marcus.

For two weeks, Marcus showed up on time and did his job, helping to clear food and wash dishes.

“Once I pay him guess what he does? He buys food from my restuarant (he decides to pay) because it makes him feel good!” Cesia writes.

Facebook/Cesia Abigail

With his new-found self-worth and self-confidence, Marcus is a changed man.

One day, Cesia saw him buy a sandwich and give it to a homeless woman.

“Do something nice for someone today and don’t judge them just because they’re out there asking for money.. We don’t know their situation, some deserve another chance,” Cesia writes on Facebook.

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