Grandma sings for granddaughter, baby’s response makes mom rush to grab camera

Little babies need a lot of love and quality time with their family. And who enjoys spending time with the newest members of their family more than grandparents?

This video of a grandmother holding her new grandchild is as amazing as it is adorable.

She goes to sing her granddaughter a lullaby — but nobody expected that the baby would respond the way she does.

Becoming a parent is one of life’s great gifts. Even though it takes a lot of time and energy to raise a child, the rewards are so much greater.

But it’s not just parents who enjoy the new members of their family. Grandparents also tend to spend as much time as possible their grandchildren. Just like the grandma in this video.

Image Source: YouTube/K Rosevear

Quality time with grandma

This grandmother had come over to visit and of course spend some quality time with her granddaughter.

Safely in her grandmother’s arms, the baby listened as her grandmother started singing a song.

Image Source: YouTube/K Rosevear

Her grandmother sang “I’m in the Mood for the Love,” a classic song from the 40s that’s so relaxing and chill that it could easily put a baby to sleep.

But falling asleep to this song didn’t seem like an option for this baby. She had other plans — and wanted to sing along instead.

Image Source: YouTube/K Rosevear

A duo is formed

With wide open eyes, she lay in her grandmother’s arms and looked straight into her eyes. After her grandma sang a few lines, the baby started making sounds that really sound like she was trying to sing along.

Luckily, her mom had a camcorder and caught their amazing duet on video. This is certainly a moment they’ll remember forever!