Grandma wears wedding dress again after 63 years — and moves people everywhere to tears

The bond between a mother and her child is of course irrevocably powerful. But we often underestimate just how much love there is between grandparents and their grandchildren.

I recently came across a wonderful story of one such bond, and felt it absolutely needed to be shared.

Amy Buchan Kavelaras’ stopped by her grandma Ruth’s house one day to help her move. As they were moving boxes, she suddenly discovered a very special item, deep in a dusty old box…

After some coaxing, Amy convinced Ruth to grab the precious item… and try it on.

It was her wedding dress — last worn 63 years before.

Ruth held up an original wedding photo for the beautiful shot. And what a shot it turns out to be!

Amy was so moved by the moment, she later took to Facebook to share the incident.

“While packing up my grammy’s house to move her into an assisted living facility next month, we found her wedding dress in her attic!” she writes in her post, adding, “63 years later she tried it on and it still fits!”

Facebook/Love What Matters


She continues:

“This is a picture of her holding her original wedding photo from 1953.

My mom (their daughter) is taking this picture and you can see her face reflecting off the glass. My Grandma Ruth stayed married to my Grandpa Jack his entire life, until he died in 2000.

She misses him every day. They had a love that spanned the ages.

People should know this kind of love is real and is worth waiting for.”

Facebook/Amy Buchan Kavelaras

It turns out that Ruth’s losing her husband was one of the most difficult experiences of her life, and thus opening up and putting on her old wedding dress was no easy feat. In fact I would call it an act of courage.

But I’m so glad she went through with it. She looks just stunning. What a beautiful story story and memorable picture!.

Watch another example of a grandma/granddaughter bond in the video below — and don’t forget to share this article if you were as touched by these stories as we were.