Grandson discovers grandma’s lyrics from 30 yrs ago, records song that moves her to tears

There’s no greater joy in life than creating something for yourself. Whether it’s a DIY project, your own business, or something more creative, it’s always a fantastic feeling to build something from scratch.

When it comes to creative endeavors, many of us choose to keep our work to ourselves. After all, pouring your heart into a painting, novel or song is a deeply personal experience, and it’s not easy to share that with the world.

This grandmother from Mountain Home, Arkansas, wrote a song 30 years ago that she recorded onto an old cassette tape. She kept it to herself until one Christmas recently, when her son Robert Smith, and grandson Travis, listened to it during a visit.

As it turns out, Travis is a singer with a deep baritone voice that’s perfect for the country music genre.

Robert decided that Travis would be the perfect person to bring his mother’s song to life, and together they planned an emotional suprise.

Facebook/Robert Smith

“My mom wrote this song: ‘Fishing in the Sky’ about 30 years ago and recorded it on a cassette tape,” Robert writes. “Last year when Travis and I were up here, we listened to it.”

Facebook/Travis Smith

“Travis has been recording some music lately and about three weeks ago, I pitched the idea to Travis to get the lyrics and look into recording it.

Today I had the pleasure of sharing the finished product with my mom. Her reaction is priceless.”


At first, Travis’ grandmother isn’t sure what she’s listening to, but then Travis’ voice rings out across the room. After the first two words, his grandma gasps and covers her face with her hands as she realizes that she’s hearing her own song brought to life.

It’s a truly touching moment – I’m so glad that Robert had a camera on hand to catch her reaction!


Travis and Robert aren’t the only ones who are in awe of her talent.

Soon the post had been viewed millions of times, and people across the world were asking where they could buy the song.

And sure enough, the song soon stormed the country music charts, coming in at #40.

Hey It’s Travis I would like to say Thank you to everyone who has supported the song! My grandmother wrote a Hit and…

Posted by Travis Ryan Smith on Thursday, 11 January 2018

Despite the love for the song, Travis is reluctant to take the credit, instead praising his grandmother’s incredible songwriting skills.

“My grandmother wrote a hit and all she needed was someone to put some vocals to it!” he wrote on Facebook, adding:

“Music can truly bring out the good in people. I have seen that through the response to this song.”

You can hear the beautiful song for yourself below:

Posted by Robert Smith on Sunday, 31 December 2017

It’s never too late to live out your dreams, and I’m so glad Travis and his talented grandma are being recognised for doing what they love!

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