Groom goes down on one knee and asks bride’s daughter: ‘Will you call me your dad?’

Many children with step parents grow up feeling loved and supported, irrespective of the fact one of their parents is not their biological mother or father.

For one soon-to-be stepdad, he felt that “step” was not appropriate for the huge love he had for his little princess. So when it was time to officially become her stepdad, he had an announcement that moved everyone to tears…

Anastasia Lindenman, mother of 4-year-old Raina, recently wed the love of her life Brandon Lindenman on June 9. She said that from the beginning Brandon had taken on her daughter as his own.

“On July 4th, 2017, when Brandon chose to propose to me at the fireworks down in Long Beach Island, he actually proposed to Raina as well,” Anastasia shared with Love What Matters.

“He felt it was important to include her in the proposal because he would be promising her forever, too. He got down on one knee and asked her if he could marry her and be her dad.”

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She added: “He picked out a beautiful diamond necklace, and after she nodded yes, he put it around her neck. Her response was, ‘but, where is my ring?’ because she really thought she was getting married herself.”

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It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony and the equally beautiful little Raina held a sign saying: “Here comes mommy,” completely unaware of the surprise she was about to get.

The couple said their vows, and then Brandon got down on one knee and presented Raina with a ring, saying: “‘Raina, it has been an honor to call myself your dad. I have watched you grow up and get bigger and bigger every day. You grow more beautiful every day. For the rest of my life, I will always be here for you, to be your friend and your dad. Will you call me your dad?’”

Posted by Amethyst & Sage Portraits on Saturday, 9 June 2018

The little girl shook her head and said yes. “Hold me, Dada,” was then all she could say after bursting into tears.

Anastasia said: “Raina is a very emotional girl and has a very emotional attachment to Brandon, but I did not expect her to cry at the words he was going to say to her.”

The beautiful bride revealed that Brandon has been taking care of Raina since she was just 18 months old, proving his love for them both consistently.

“He has taught me that true and pure love is possible, and that a real relationship bears no sadness, ill will toward one another, or anger,” Anastasia said.

“Our story shows our struggles and our flaws, but it is wrapped in love and acceptance. That is all I could ever ask for in a husband and father.”

You can watch the beautiful ceremony, and the very emotional Raina, in the video below:

What an amazing father and husband this man is going to be. He’s already proven his love – his actions at the wedding just reaffirm his commitment. 

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