Groom waits patiently for bride to walk down aisle – sees her and loses it

Weddings are a beautiful thing. They’re a day that many people look forward to all their lives. And though you’ve probably imagined what that day might look like, you never really know what it will feel like to wed your beloved until the moment comes.

For the man in this video, seeing his beautiful bride walk down the aisle is obviously a dream come true. As soon as he turns around and sees his other half at the back of the church, tears start streaming down his face.

Then, as the love of his life gets closer, the groom doesn’t try to hold it together, but instead allows his heart to be touched by the preciousness of the moment. It’s an amazing thing — and perhaps the most beautiful wedding video I’ve ever seen. The bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests can’t help but join the man in his tears of joy. And I couldn’t, either!

If you’re a cryer like me, grab a tissue. The scroll down and press play on the amazing video below. It’s truly magical!

Isn’t it beautiful and touching to see a man love a woman that much? Share if this video also brought a tear to your eye!