They hand grandpa a teddy bear: now watch his reaction when the bear unexpectedly speaks

When a family finds out it’s getting a new member, it’s an unforgettable moment. I’m sure every mom, dad, and grandparent in the world would agree.

There are so many ways to tell future parents and grandparents that there’s a baby on the way, and there are a lot of wonderful videos out there of surprise baby announcements, but this one is just wonderful.

The video opens at a birthday party for an older man. His family is there, including one of his kids and their partner. The two parents-to-be don’t just have a normal present for the man. Their gift to him includes a very clever way to tell him that he’s going to be a grandpa…

First, the man opens a big box and pulls out a teddy bear. With a smile on his face, the man picks up the bear and proudly shows it to the whole family.

“If you press his heart, it beats,” his son says.

When the man presses the teddy bear’s heart, it makes a sound like a loud heartbeat. He smiles again and thinks it’s a great gift.

“You can press his hand, too,” his son says.

Suddenly, the bear starts talking. “Happy Birthday, Grandpa. I’ll see you in October,” it says.

The man chuckles and thinks it’s cute, but it doesn’t seem to sink in.

Then, he presses the teddy bear’s hand again and listens closely. When he understands what’s happening, he freezes and doesn’t seem to know what to say. Then, come the tears.

It’s probably best to watch the clip yourself. This grandpa-to-be’s reaction is priceless and I’ll just warn you — you might need some tissues on hand.

Video Source: JunkinVideo

Isn’t this grandpa’s reaction absolutely wonderful? More people need to see this!