Handsome groom steps onto dance floor alone – crowd erupts when bride comes out

It’s usually the case that after all the formalities of a wedding are over, the bride and groom start the fun party off with a first dance.

Often a slow romantic song is played that ends with an invite onto the dance floor for all the guests and then the fun really begins.

Trent and Annalisa Brookshier had a first dance at their nuptials but then Annalisa left the stage and Trent starts entertaining the crowds with a surprise dance routine.

What happened next was recorded and has since gone viral. It’s a serious dance routine, filled with back flips and cowboy boots and could make a lot of engaged couples rethink their wedding entertainment.


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YouTube / TobyBlue Wolf

The groom is alone on the stage and then the song ‘Footloose’ starts playing. Originally released by American singer songwriter Kenny Logan the song was covered by country music star Blake Shelton in 2011.

Trent throws off his jacket and starts dancing, much to the delight of the crowd.

Below the video he posted on YouTube, which has since been watched by more than 7 million people, he wrote: “After our formal first dance, my wife and I went and changed into different outfits and came out to surprise our guests with this little surprise reception wedding dance to Blake Shelton’s Footloose.”

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YouTube / TobyBlue Wolf

Then just as the song gets going Trent’s beautiful bride appears, complete with cowboy boots, and the two dance in unison.

They can’t stop grinning at each other as they perform a very fun dance routine while the wedding party screams and claps.

Judging by the amount of noise their guests are making I don’t think anybody expected such a spectacle.

Watch the video below and see this fun-loving couple show everyone how it’s done — country style.

I’m always amazed how any couple organize a wedding, let alone an amazing dance routine to go with. This is one very talented couple.

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