He takes a patient to his room – but what the camera captures has the net boiling over with love

People who like to spread joy are my favorite kind of humans. These people strive to fight and care for others even more than for themselves.

Lindon Beckford is one such human. He is without doubt a man with a heart of gold — and not to mention, an angelic voice.

Here’s his story that has already touched over three million people.

Lindon Beckford works at at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, USA. His job description is relatively simple: he transports patients from or to operating rooms — and has done so for over 30 years.

Lindon Beckford. Source: YouTube

An important job

But while his job description sounds relatively simple, Lindon really puts his heart and soul into it… in a most special way. He strives every day, on every occasion and with every patient to make the transport soothing and not as scary as it can be.

Lindon knows every patient he cares for personally. He knows that the journey they are taking to the operating room can be the scariest journey they will ever have to make. Over the years, Lindon has seen almost everything — not least the fear in the eyes of those who are waiting for surgery.

Lindon with a patient. Source: YouTube

An angelic voice

But it’s precisely that fear that Lindon eases with his big and warm smile. Each time he meets a new patient, he starts with the wonderful phrase: “My name is Lindon and I’ll be your chauffeur.”

But it’s what he does then that calms patient after patient.

No one would expect that Lindon has an angelic voice. He loves to sing and always does so while working. What he initially did not know was just how soothing his voice could be for patients.

Lindon with a patient. Source: YouTube

What’s certain is that Lindon has an absolutely wonderful voice that patients just want to hear more and more of. It gives them peace and joy when needed most.

Watch the clip below for more on Lindon — including his exceptional singing voice! 

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