Heart-breaking: Ellen´s in tears when mom reads late teen daughter´s poem

Taylor Storch passed away when she whas just 13 years old after a skiing accident.

She left behind her mom, dad and two younger siblings, who were devastated by the loss of the vibrant and kind teenager.

Taylor had always been a giving spirit, so after she passed away her family decided to donate her organs. Taylor was able to give 5 other people the chance to live.

A week before her death, Taylor wrote an emotional poem describing her life and dreams. One of her wishes was to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

One year to the day after she wrote the poem, her mom appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to read the poem.

Taylor’s words touched the hearts of everyone in the audience, and even Ellen struggled to hold back tears.

Read the 13 year old’s poignant words below, and help us share her message to remind everyone that life is precious.

Taylor Storch passed away at only 13 years old during a family skiing trip. Because she had always had a giving spirit, her family decided to donate her organs.

YouTube/ The Ellen Show

But that wasn’t all. The family also set up a foundation, Taylor’s Gift, to help encourage people to put their name on the organ donar list.

Taylor’s mom Tara appeared on The Ellen Show and explained that Taylor’s organs helped save five people.

“We’ve met three out of the five recipients,” Tara tells Ellen. “We’ve met her heart recipient, her kidney and pancreas recipient. She saved lives.”

YouTube/ The Ellen Show

Taylor’s legacy will already live on in the people whose lives she’s saved as well as in the incredible work her foundation does to bring awareness to organ donation, but her mom also had a touching personal tribute to her daughter to share on the show.

A week before she passed away, Taylor wrote a poem for her language arts project. In the poem, Taylor writes emotionally about what she’s passionate about, who she was and who she wanted to be.

Mom Tara read the poem aloud on the show, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Even Ellen was holding back tears.

The poem begins:

“I’m outgoing and friendly, 

I wonder how long is forever

I see myself helping people where ever I can 

I want to be on the Ellen Degeneres Show.”

Watch Tara’s mom read the emotional poem on Ellen’s show below:

Taylor’s biggest wish in life was to help people and touch lives. She did that in a bigger way than most of us can ever imagine. I want to thank her incredible family for their selfless act and for bringing awareness to organ donation.

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